The Y’s Stay @ Home Challenge

Hey Y Centre followers!

So this is our first ‘Stay at Home’ Challenge. The theme is Skating, and the aim is to perform a 360.

The rules are:

1 – You MUST be wearing a type of skate
2 – You MUST complete a FULL 360

You can perform this in any direction – forwards, fakie (backwards), or off any object or surface.
We understand that not everyone will have a space at home to perform a rolling 360, so if this is the case, a static one on grass or carpet will do.

Of course you don’t have to send us your videos. You can just do it for fun, or post the video on your own social media. But don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #YdontYou so we can check out your efforts!

If you would like to send us your footage and feature on our social media pages, you can send them by the following methods:

Instagram DM – @the_y_centre
Facebook Messenger – The Y Centre YMCA Hastings
Email via We Transfer –

We look forward to seeing your videos, and remember – use your imagination, stay safe, and have fun!!! #YdontYou

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